The E-commerce sector in South Africa has held on to the most exciting opportunities of the decade for the retailers who are willing to expand their businesses online. An industry sort like E-commerce is expected to witness significant growth in the coming years, as the market is gradually turning out to be an attractive source for businesses from both inside and outside of the region. Well, this can be truly supported on facts as the mobile penetration is aiming to reach around 70% in the region which means that technologies would continue to keep the doors of opportunities open for anyone who is planning to explore and establish themself on online selling platforms in South Africa.

What encourages the growth of e-commerce startups is the existence of operators outside the tech space that are meant to facilitate distribution and thus improve revenues. The internet firms and e-commerce alliances are highly expected to do well as the number of startups in the region is increasing at a constant pace. Before we get into the conversation about the real state of e-commerce, let us count on a bunch of online selling platforms in South Africa. Have a look below to explore more-

To be fair on every note, there are hundreds of challenges that one needs to face while involving in the retail business in order to remain successful and competitive. Two of the most common among many are finance and marketing but the biggest yet remains e-commerce. The results of advancements in telecommunication is the success of the e-commerce industry and the level of competition that has increased between the merchants in order to sell the best quality goods and the lowest price possible. With that statement, one cannot deny the fact that South Africans are gradually falling in love with the emergence of online shopping. Well, not just for the sayings but 49% of the South Africans are recorded to visit an online retail store, whereas 47% surf online for a product or service, and about 29% purchase something online.

E-commerce, being a major giant, has a large number of South African population, spending on it than ever before. Also, with the advancement of disruptive or digital technologies, from cellphones to the digitally influenced customer, consumers are now willing to explore a more convenient and customer-centric shopping experience which is exactly what the online selling platforms in South Africa has to cater to them with. It can therefore proudly be said that South Africans are turning social.

Online Shopping – The Future of Retail

The credits for revolutionizing the way we live our lives and turning e-commerce into a way of life go to the Internet which played the biggest role in helping the digital industry grow to an extent where it owns an increasingly large number of population as its consumers. In other words, online shopping has come up being one of the fastest-growing markets in the world, including South Africa.

Not just for the purpose of serving a statement, but the growth and rise of online selling platforms in South Africa can be proven on the basis of facts. Recent searches on the country show that people are spending more than 4 hours a day on their cellphones, surfing through online shopping platforms. The figures for online shoppers is expected to reach around 24.79 million in the near future. The industry is growing rapidly and every business owner is willing to have a pie of it. So much so that the e-commerce market of South Africa is expected to be worth over R20-billion. These figures are much enough to state the relevance of online shopping as the future of the retail market.

Why are people willing to shop online?

Despite of traditional stores continuing to dominate the market, e-commerce is rising rapidly. There has to be some sort of relevance behind the e-commerce industry taking the drive. One of the biggest reasons behind, says that with online selling platforms in South Africa, a person can shop at mostly anytime and anywhere which turns out to be one of the biggest advantages for the same. Customers are free to not just compare reviews but to instantly buy something in just a few clicks. Additionally, such online platforms provide options for making the safe and easy payment along with quick deliveries, that at times, cost nothing. Also, in regard to the zero overheads that a physical store usually demands, sellers can instead offer cheaper prices, even discounts, scorecards, and a lot of cool incentive plans that are directed towards attracting more customers. So you see, online shopping is no less than a dream come true for bargain hunters and deal seekers.

E-commerce Store – The best way to save money!

E Commerce Store
E Commerce Store

You are purely being fooled if you believe that e-commerce stores are just to benefit the consumers. Instead, they are no less than a holy cup for the retailers themself. Yes, that’s true! Running an e-commerce business in comparison to a traditional store can save you in terms of money. The traditional stores are meant to thrive on location and branding whereas, the amount you invest in them could happen to be the key to your new revenue. With e-commerce, you not just overcome the geographical limitations but you also become able enough to build new customers by using services like SEO (or search engine optimization). The reason, being that search engines are used by millions of people every day in order to look for a product or service, is the biggest click to your business. SEO can help you do something you lacked in a traditional store- A digital way to get more customers and make more revenue. All you need to do is to set up an interactive and consumer-centric website which would then be run over the standards of SEO in order to get it ranked on the search engines. Once ranked, you will become able to be on the list of the top best online selling platforms in South Africa.